Follow the Data Rainbow Path

Transform the wild jungle of your data into golden results by managing the path data takes thru your business.

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Wish upon a Star

Learning how to shape your data model into star schemas will be like having your own fairy godmother. Many of the problems analyzing and reporting on your data will vanish with a sweep of her wand.

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Join us. Become a Star Maker

Do you like helping other people with their problems. Would you enjoy reshaping data schemas. Here’s your chance to help a lot of people!

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Fix your Data First

Power BI is a wonderful product and you can do almost anything in it using DAX, its development language.

But everything you try and do will go so much better if you take the time to reshape your data before you launch into intensive report development.

This site is here to help you with the most basic step: reshaping your data into a Star Schema. We have helpful posts and hints. We will even reshape a set of your tables for you to get you started.

Load your tables in a Power BI file with a small amount of sample data and send them to us with an excel spreadsheet that explains the meanings of their fields. We’ll reshape them and send you back your new “star” in a Power Bi file. We’ll also make a Youtube video that explains the process so you can follow along step by step.

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